Wednesday, August 18, 2010

輝く空のしじま庭 - Kalafina

So, if you haven't heard of Kalafina, I suggest you go here: to research more about them. If you do know, then most of you have heard that they're new single will be released soon (September 15).

Let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of this trio band because their voices sound heavinly when combined together and because they are under one of my favorite composers of Japan. Yuki Kajiura.

They're new single, 輝く空のしじま庭 (Kagayaku sora no shijima niwa) in english, In the Silence of the shining sky will be the ending theme for one of the popular anime, Kuroshitsuji. I have pre-ordered the limited edition and I am very excited to hear the whole song, plus, the PV.

There's some samples of both the PV and the Song.
The song preview
The PV preview

Also, the Covers.

The Limited Edition

The Regular Edition

If you happen to love Kalafina, tell me what's your favorite song and who's your favorite singer out of the three down below : ).


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shakespeare の 忘れ物。。。: The Lazy

Shakespeare の 忘れ物。。。: The Lazy: "Ahh, Laziness. We all have them most of the time. I promised myself I was going to start writing today, but since I just got out of my job, ..."

The Lazy

Ahh, Laziness. We all have them most of the time. I promised myself I was going to start writing today, but since I just got out of my job, I'm feeling very, very lazy. Work was chaos! There were alot of people, so I really worked my butt off today and now I'm feeling drenched out of energy and most of all, lazy.

The thing about laziness is that everythime you eat, you get lazy. Have you noticed? --- Everytime I finish eating, the laziness kicks in and now, I don't want to do anything, but just sit around doing nothing. Even when I work a double shift it still gets me.

How to get rid of it?


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ah! Here I am, making my first post to my new blog since my old blogs were deleted because I no longer use them or I forget to write/update stuff to it. But, it won't be the case with this one. I have decided to keep posting random thoughts in here and express what I feel. Not only that, but I will also be posting fictions I have come across to write and show you the wonderful ideas in a piece of art called, writing.

First, I will Welcome you all to my new blog. I will go by the name Celmisia so you can all call me that or just Cel for short. Which ever comes easier for you. If you hadn't noticed, I took the word Celmisia from one of the songs from Miss Kanon Wakeshima, any body know who she is? --- If you don't, she's a japanese singer/cellist and I admire her so much because she's an awesome cellist and because I play the violin. You will also noticed that I also titled my blog, "Shakespeare's Lost and Found"  which is also one of Kanon's intro song in her new album.

Enough about that! I do hope to make new friends in here and share the same interest you all have. If you have any questions do not fret to comment or e-mail. I'm a very friendly person. And, since I'm still adjusting to this site, I will post my other links where you can all find me and stalk me : O ~ well, follow.

Welcome to my blog~